I believe that designing is an act of storytelling

Except that instead of using words, my language is found in color palettes, in the objects that I use to furnish a room, and in the manner in which I position the pieces that fill a space. I love initiating conversations with my clients, because it is in these exchanges that I discover what tale needs telling. I consider that my work as a designer is done well when I manage to narrate the story of how a life is being lived.

Curated elements for a stylish home

I’m back to doing the thing I love most.

I closed the ITO KISH showroom in June 2017, thinking that I had had enough of running a design and retail business.

In the years since, living a semi-retired life of some consultancy work and a lot of travelling, I realized that I was so wrong. Design is what makes me feel most alive!

I return to it by opening a seasonal space for occasional retail events. I will only open once in a while, with the events lasting a few days or a few weeks at most. If you want to shop in the comforts of home, every piece will be available online at our website. Every time I welcome clients, I aim to offer an intense design experience. Finally, I will be telling stories again.


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A refined eye for design and a dedication to craft

Travelling has given me the luxury of comparing Filipino crafts with that of the rest of the world. It has made me realize how masterful Filipino craftsmen are. They can stand with the world's best. I have also come to a deeper respect of our traditional crafting techniques, and a renewed appreciation for the richness of our materials. Now I am convinced that there is almost nothing that a Filipino artisan cannot turn into something beautiful.

Enriched with this certainty, I bring you ITO KISH DESIGN. I collaborate with the Philippines' finest craftspeople to create a range of furniture and home objects that show the best of what our country can do.


"Every time I welcome clients,
I aim to offer an intense design experience."

- Ito Kish, Chief Visual Storyteller

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